Winston Churchill Biography – Top 10 Facts

Winston Churchill Biography - Top 10 FactsIf you are interested to learn more facts about Churchill Biography, this page is exactly what you’re looking for. Below are some surprising facts about one of the greatest men in history you probably didn’t expect were true.

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Facts Biography of Winston Churchill

  • Poor grades: During his elementary years, Winston Churchill had poor grades and his teachers considered him dumb.
  • Punishments: Winston Churchill suffered from lots of punishments from his professors because of those poor grades. The fact is that he never even made an effort or tried his best in order to get a higher or a better grade.
  • Nickname: Winston Churchill was known as British Bulldog. He was considered as the best Englishman within United Kingdom history.
  • Death: The date he died is same with his fathers death.
  • Artist: Some people don’t know that Winston Churchill was a really good an artist. He created over 600 works.
  • Prisoner of War: During Boer War, Winston was captured. He escaped and returned to his home. Many people say that it is one of the things in his life that motivated him to make great contributions to his country.
  • Historian: Even though Winston Churchill wasn’t the brightest mind in the class, he was quite a historian. He had written lots of history books and even won a Nobel Prize.
  • Habit: Winston Churchill had a habit that individuals call as pillow talk while others call it as siesta.
  • Prime Minister: Winston Churchill had immense dedication to England as a prime minister. He once said that he would sacrifice everything he had to his country without a doubt.

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