Spicy Pages From the Michael Jackson Biography

Spicy Pages From the Michael Jackson BiographyMichael Jackson is one of the most famous individuals in the world who left a great legacy in the history. The world will always know him as the King of Pop who started a kind of revolution in music industry.

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Below are some Michael Jackson biography facts that you may find quite interesting.

Michael Jackson Biography Facts

  • Wanted to be a spider man: Michael Jackson had a little obsession of becoming a Spider Man and he dreamed to produce a film starring himself as the main character. Sadly, the idea flopped completely.
  • Did have vitiligo: Michael Jackson used to have a medium-brown complexion but in 1980s, his skin started to be lightened and people questioned/claimed that he had suffered from vitiligo. A vitiligo is rare skin condition that causes melanin to fail and malfunction. Years later, the autopsy report confirmed that he really had the skin condition.
  • Secretly bald: Michael Jackson appeared to had flawless hair. When he was little, he had an afro type of hair but when he became much older, he started losing his hair. After 1984 he started using wigs to cover it up.
  • Plastic surgery: One of the most talked about things of Micheal Jackson biography is his obsession with plastic surgeris. It is said that he kicked off his addiction to plastic surgery and painkillers but in 1988.
  • Bubbles: Michael Jackson purchased chimpanzee named Bubbles. It was a baby from a private research facility in Texas. For many years, the two were inseparable. Bubbles used to eat at the dining room together with Jackson. He also learned using a toilet and sleeping in a crib.
  • Child abuse: Michael Jackson suffered from hideous abuses in the hands of his father.
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