Sample Teacher Biography: How to Make Your Advantages Work for You

sample teacher biography

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A teacher biography states the teacher’s skills, qualifications and experiences in the education field. If you are a teacher with extraordinary achievements or accomplishments, then the teacher of the year biography is certainly made for you. Do a research online to see a sample teacher biography, which you can improve according to your unique personality.

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Examples of a Teacher Biography

Sample 1

Miranda Jackson (Preschool Teacher)

I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah but moved to Los Angeles, California where I grew up and finished my college education. I have three children, who are in different elementary grade levels. Being a teacher at heart, I continuously supervise their homework and studies although they are capable of doing their schoolwork.

I have an Early Childhood Education (ECE) from the California State University. I have been working as a preschool teacher for eight (8) years now and have attended various seminars and in-house trainings to update myself in childhood education regarding behavior and learning styles. I also immerse myself in other extracurricular activities like community work and baking, since this makes me

My interest in educating children has helped me a lot to be a responsible, sensitive and amiable teacher ever since I started my teaching career. It is often a wonder to see how children like to learn, and are curious about the world around them. My interaction with children on a daily basis has given me the opportunity to view them as “big people” in their own rights because of their uninhibited personalities.

Sample 2

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Scott Davis


Scott finished his baccalaureate degree in education from the Midwest University. He recently earned his Master’s Degree in Secondary Education from the California State University. Additionally, he teaches orphan children music and arts during his free time.

Here you go nice bio examples to draw inspiration from! 

When planning to create a teacher of the year biography, a sample teacher biography can usually be found online to serve as your guide. Write your teacher biography in a concise and friendly manner while following the recommended length and format, so you can avail better employment opportunities for the future.

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