Real Estate Bio Sample: Finds out How to Get a Job Effortlessly

A real estate bio is a very essential part of a real estate agent’s promotional profile, since it is the basis for bagging potential clients. The new real estate agent bio is different from other type of bios because it is built on trust and proper connections, which is vital in the real estate business. Our biography example might get you inspired and motivated.

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How to Write a Real Estate Bio

real estate agent bio sample

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  • Add your professional experience – an effective real estate bio must always include your skills, qualifications and experience. Show potential clients that you have what it takes by appropriately listing down all your relevant credentials.
  • Give an insight of your personality – provide a slight touch of your personal life in relation to hobbies, family or any extracurricular activities that your clients can relate to.
  • Make your bio simple – arrange the details of your bio in a way that it does not look like an advertisement off a magazine or newspaper. Keep it simple.
  • Research – browse effective real estate agent bio sample online.
  • Edit and revise – proofread your bio and make sure that there are no spelling and grammar mistakes. Try to keep your bio length to a maximum of 300 words only.

Example of New Real Estate Agent Bio

Miranda Smith

Newark, New Jersey

☎ 354-557-2881

Miranda’s ultimate career goal is to maintain an excellent record of accomplishment in providing high quality service to customers.

Ms. Smith is a Certificate IV – Real Estate Property Service Agent who is proficient in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel Software Operation. She has been employed with the Corcoran Group as a Real Estate Agent since January 2010 to present.

Miranda Smith’s primary duties within the company are to organize open house inspections, assist customers with property exploration, development or sales; provide and prepare market and legal advice to potential clients; property closing, document signing and market trend evaluation.

Miranda has been a major player in the increase of company sales revenue for the fiscal year 2013 to 2014.

Here you go a short bio sample that you can make use of.

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Any new real estate agent bio can be based on the above real estate agent bio sample, which can be expounded further depending on your skills, qualifications (education and work experience) and accomplishments.