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A sample military bio and military biography template can generally be found online. Most military bio examples are used by military personnel or civilians who wish to join the armed forces. The military biography sample can be modified or recreated to fit your personal information.

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How to Write a Sample Military Bio

sample military bio

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  1. Write your personal information like name, rank, age date of birth, hometown and deployment status.
  2. List down your history with the military in correct chronological order. Include the details of your deployment and its locations.
  3. State any honors or awards you have received (Bronze Stars, Purple Hearts, etc.)
  4. Indicate your military schooling information including boot camp trainings.
  5. List all your ranks with the dates on when you received said ranks.
  6. Specify your family information. List down the name or details of your parents, siblings, wife and children (if any).
  7. If you attended any civilian schooling prior to entering the military indicate them in your biography.

The following is a military biography sample, which you can use as a basis to create your own military biography.

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Military Biography Sample

Lieutenant Major Marine Delaney

Operations XYZ

Lieutenant Major Delaney is a native of Raleigh, North Carolina. He joined the Marines in October1990. Afterwards he joined the recruit training in the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in Parris Island, South Carolina.

After boot camp training, he participated in Desert Storm and Operations Desert Shield. He was likewise deployed to Kosovo and Bosnia as part of the peacekeeping tasks force sent by the United States.

Prior to entering the military service, Lieutenant Major Delaney finished his Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Education in the North Carolina State University. His military education comprises of The Primary Leadership course, Instructor Training course, Basic Non-commissioned Officers Course and the Equal Opportunity Representative Course.

Lieutenant Major Delaney has been awarded with the Marine Corps Commendation Medal and the Marine Corps Achievement Medal as a commendation for exemplary service and performance in the battlefield.

All military bio examples as well as any biography sample can be seen on the internet.

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