Intriguing And Shocking Warren Buffett Way

Intriguing And Shocking Warren Buffett WayWarren Buffet was born in the year of 1930 in Nebraska. He is a son of Congressman and stockbroker. In fact, he is one of the world’s most successful investors. To know more information about his life, read biography Warren Buffett below.

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Warren Buffet Way

Bufett biography is quite interesting and shocking. Regardless his family background, he had to start delivering newspapers in order to make extra money in his early years of life. It was of this he got such an interest in media and later pushed him to make numerous successful investments including the Washington Post Company. After may years, Warren still vows that he will never sell it.

Warren Buffet studied business the Columbia Graduate Business School under Benjamin Graham legendary. He attempted to get a position in the Graham’s and was unsuccessful at first but due to his dedication and determination, he got the job eventually and learned more about stock investment. Graham retired and Warren started to make a limited partnership with the use of capital contributed by his friends and family. The partnership was a success and after several years, Warren decided to wind up the partnership where he returns the share, capital and profits of the investors.

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After it, he had an interest in Berkshire Hathaway. It is a textile company wherein that was facing many challenges with high manufacturing costs at that time but Buffett did not surrender. He bought two insurance companies from Nebraska and it marked the beginning of Warren interest in insurance and the financial fame rise for both Berkshire Hathaway and Warren himself.

Under the supervision and hands of Warren, the company became a leader in insurance field.

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