How to Write a Military Bio: Valuable Pieces of Advice in a Military Bio Example

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Writing a biography is usually difficult because all needed information must be stated in concise sentences while keeping your tone friendly. When writing your bio, make sure that all information is of the same nature. Like in this case, when you are writing a military biography, all facts or information contained therein must be about your life and career as a military.

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To create a proper bio, it’s advised to review bio examples at first.

By simply going over a military bio example, you get an overview on the salient military information that must be included when you write your bio. In addition to this, a military biography example is typical of what you can expect from true to life military bio. Below is an example military bio, which you can utilize as a guide to write your bio.

Military Bio Example

Major Michael J. Stuart

Executive Officer

179th Battalion Brigade

Langley, Virginia

  • First Paragraph: The first paragraph must include all your duties and responsibilities in relation to your current rank and position in the military.
  • Second Paragraph: You should indicate your authorizing source and other noteworthy military career experiences throughout your career. Do not list any other personal information.
  • Third Paragraph: State your military and civilian educational achievements in chronological order.
  • Fourth Paragraph: List down all you assignments in proper chronological order.
  1. Make a list of all your awards and decorations under the subheading “Awards and Decorations”
  2. Make another list for any other occupation you held under the subheading “Civilian Occupation”
  3. List down your affiliations under the subheading “Professional Memberships & Affiliations”
  4. List other accomplishments under the subheading “Other Achievements”

When you have gathered all the necessary information to create your personal military bio, it is time to start writing your bio.

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Professional writers online normally provide a free military bio example that can help you create an efficient military bio. However, if the military biography example given on the internet is not sufficient to assist you in writing your own bio, then you have the option to hire the services of a professional biography writer to make the writing process hassle-free or ask for an additional military bio sample.