How Employee Bio Page Can Double Your Sales

How can an employee bio help improve your sales? The staff bio has been becoming one of the most important pieces of documents for a company. It provides customers or clients a quick view of your key people, who they are and how good they are. Bio for employees can help you in many ways.

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Bio for Employees Benefits

The employee bio gives customers and stakeholders a quick look at why they should trust and choose you. The team bio also brings together even remote employees. They can make a good sense of each other about the people they actually are. Employee bios are also great at helping people network with each other. These bios can also help employees in talent scouting.

Why You Need New Employee Biography

The staff bio to write in the bio for staff page should be short but concise. The bio can also help in networking for your business. You should have an employee bio when applying for a new job too. It provides hiring managers and recruiters an overview of you as an employee. It can also be used when writing company reports and annual newsletters.

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How to Write Staff Biography

In the beginning of the staff biography, you must mention the title of the employee. You must also add another sentence, which will briefly mention what the person is doing in the company. However, you must select the most important aspects of an employee’s job because you won’t have much room mentioning about it in a one-paragraph bio.

You must also consider writing about a person’s previous job if that is impressive. You can make the bio more impressive by listing down some achievements and awards. Then, you should finish the section writing about his degrees, education, and universities that he or she has attended. In the end, you must add a small section highlighting about his or her personal life.

In all cases, you must write the new employee biography with a personal touch. In informal bios, you may want to consider writing about his hobbies. But when you include such information, be sure that it is appropriate and non-controversial. The bios written for informal websites or newsletters must include personal information in order to help others relate to the particular employee.

Sample 1

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  • Pros: This is a concise bio about Phil, who is a real estate broker located in East Boston. The bio provides readers with a quick look at his warm personality.
  • Cons: It might not contain other interesting information about his experience in real estate. Adding two sentences to highlight other relevant details may be needed to improve it.

Sample 2

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  • Pros: While Ann has many accomplishments to include, she did not do it to avoid sounding like bragging. She made use of concise descriptions that list down some accomplishments without bragging. In the end, she also encourages the readers to check out more about her, and that’s good.
  • Cons: Maybe it needs to be expanded for other relevant information about her

Trends in Employee Bio Writing

Check out the following for the latest trends in writing the employee biography that will provide you with ideas on how to make yours more captivating and impressive.

  • Focus and voice become more important. If you want to stand out, you must be able to show who you really are with some personality in the bio. You must also think whether to use a first or a third person view in writing.
  • Have a focus on the bio. Is it your professional life or some of the most relevant aspects of it
  • Match your style. Additionally, you should match the style in the publication or website for which you want to publish your bio.
  • List the achievements or most impressive jobs you did in the bio. You should choose only the most significant achievements, though. This will help you portray yourself as an impressive employee. Think of where to write about your publication or media.

Follow these tips when writing the employee bio page, which can increase your sales and improve your brand. Highlight the most important aspects of an employee and make him appear as an impressive person to work with for current or future customers.

Get started to writing an impressive employee bio page today!