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A real estate agent bio is part of the real estate agent’s marketing device and personality investment. So it is important that your real estate investor bio properly establish both your character and professional acumen that a client is looking for.

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Tips on How to Write a Real Estate Bio

real estate bio examples

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Since a real estate agent bio is your extended persona in written form, you must know how to write a real estate bio properly.

  • First, before you start composing your bio, go online and read some real estate bio examples to have an idea on how to do it.
  • Then list down all your skills, qualifications and experiences related to real estate.
  • Skills must be listed according to proficiency, while qualifications and work experience must be arranged chronologically. Achievements (if any) must be stated clearly within every work history.
  • Maintain your real estate investor bio to 250 to 300 words length by stating concisely and solely relevant information.
  • Career objectives and goals should be written in a progressive manner.
  • Edit your real estate agent bio drafts by checking for grammar and spelling mistakes.
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Example of Real Estate Agent Bio


Jeremy Dunn

Associate – Solar Realty


Certified Real Estate Investment Member

Real Estate Broker of the Year 2010

Real Estate Broker of the Year 2014

Jeremy Dunn is an associate partner of Solar Realty based in Washington D.C. The high quality of service given by Jeremy has brought about recognition to the company, which has been in existence of providing customer satisfaction for the last 10 years.

Jeremy’s particular areas of proficiency include but are not limited to financial restructuring, sales contract management and tactical planning. His extensive knowledge in the real estate business consistently more than meets the clients’ expectations, making him a valuable and integral part of the company.

Mr. Dunn graduated from the Professional Business College of New York with a baccalaureate degree in Finance.

For extra inspiration you are free to review our additional real estate agent bio sample.

Real estate bio examples provide ways on how to write a real estate bio, which can be modified to fit your very own skills and qualifications in order to win potential clients.