Everything You Didn’t Know about Biography of Charles Dickens

Everything You Didn't Know About Biography of Charles DickensIf you have an interest or want to know more information about the biography of Charles Dickens, read this short page. It will provide you with details that are interested and will get your attention.

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Charles Dickens Timeline

Charles Dickens was born in 1812 of February 7 in Portsmouth. His parents were Elizabeth and John Dickens. He was the second of eight children. His father, a clerk in navy payroll office, and his mother were an outgoing social couple. His family enjoys family dinners and loved parties. His mother even gave birth to Cahrles while being on one of the balls.

However, money was a constant problem in their family. The expenses on entertainments were too big for Charles’ father salary.

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Charles Dickens: Dreamed to be a Gentleman

Charles Dickens dreamed to become a gentleman since being a little kid. He wanted to receive a great education, but his parents were unable to provide it due to limited funds. More dissapointment followed after this, as Charles’ father was imprisoned for not being able to pay the debts.

But those were exactly these misfortunes that made him the writer we all know. He always believed that it was unfair to be born already poor, when you hadn’t even nad the chance to do something. Dickens’ interest in reforming labor and socio-economic conditions found its reflection in his writing.

In 1833, Charles wrote “A Dinner at Poplar Walk” that was published in London periodical. In the following year, he became a political journalist reporting on parliamentary debate. He traveled across Britain just to cover election campaigns. Over the years, Charles Dickens life had seen its rise and fall, he faced lots of challenges and struggles but remained to be an honorable person till the end of his life.

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