Everyone Should Know – a Biography of Beethoven The Composer

Everyone Should Know - a Biography of Beethoven The ComposerMany people are interested with biography of Beethoven the composer because he is a nice person and well talented. Ludwig Van Beethoven was born in Germany. His grandpa and father were musicians who passed their talent to him. Beethoven 1st public appearance happened when he was 8 years old and his 1st piece of music was published at the age of 12. Moreover, it’s worth visiting our site where you may find interesting facts from Toni Morrison biography or, for instance, find out everything you didn’t know about biography of Charles Dickens.

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A Look For a Biography of Beethoven The Composer

When Ludwig was 17, he traveled to Vienna and auditioned as a composition student for Mozart during his stay in the nation. The trip was short because he found out that his mother was dying. He returned home but after five years he went back to Vienna where he gained a reputation and name as a pianist. Ludwig was playing for famous and rich people while they were supporting him in return.

At the age of 28, his hearing was not that good, which greatly upset him, to the point where he thought to end his life. The social life of Beethoven was affected wherein he suddenly burst in anger and insult of other people around him. When his hearing became even worse, he went for seclusion from friends and public. The only means he could communicate to his friends and visitors is through writing.

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Beethoven Biography Book: Final Years

Beethoven bio shows how strong of a person he was, because even though he was hearing impaired, he did not stop from writing music. Ludwig was seriously ill and he moved over 52 times during his final years. At the age of 56 Ludwig died and almost thirty thousand of people attended his funeral. Unlike other composers of his time, Ludwig Beethoven enjoyed recognition before his death.

Ludwig Van Beethoven is such a talented musician and one of the best composers of his time. He didn’t allow the obsticles in his life to beat him.

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