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An engineering bio is much more difficult to create primarily because the jobs of engineers involve technical terms that are not present in other types of bio. To make this particular issue easier to surmount, the bio chemical engineering and bio mechanical engineering must be written in a sensible and simple manner. To illustrate this point, look at the bio chemical engineering example shown below.

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Bio Chemical Engineering Example


Chemical Engineer

(1975 – )

Born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1975, Henry Fisher’s father and mother were both engineers. Having been exposed to the world of engineers at a young age, Henry took up Chemical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.

After finishing his Chemical Engineering degree in college, Henry proceeded to apply with large companies and conglomerates that have an opening for a fledgling young Chemical Engineer fresh out of college. After having submitted a couple of CVs, he was able to get an interview and was offered a job as an assistant engineer.

Naturally intelligent and work driven with excellent work ethics, Henry was made the Chemical Engineer Supervisor for the Laboratory Section of the company. His daily duties include: evaluation of future plant expansions, ensuring that safety protocols are in place, closely supervises all control engineers and chemist working in the company’s laboratory section, initiates new designs and installation of production plants, etc.

Although Henry’s job demands most of his time, he sets aside a specific time and day to be with family and friends during his day off from work.

Tips in Writing an Engineering Bio

bio chemical engineering example

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To stand out from the rest a bio chemical engineering and a bio mechanical engineering must be done in the following manner:

  • Organize you skills and other qualifications properly. But instead of listing them down in bullets or in numbers, they must be narrated in a paragraph form.
  • Emphasize the important details first and the least important ones last. Keep your engineering bio short, simple and personal.
  • Focus more on your positive accomplishments and emphasize them well.
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The bio chemical engineering example provided above is a perfect example on how to write your own bio.

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