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architecture bio sample

Everyone can write a good architecture biography, if you allot adequate time to prepare, compose and finally write your architecture bio. Most architecture bio sample online serve as a guide that you can recreate in order to have a unique bio that totally suits you.

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Simple Tips for Writing an Architecture Bio

  • Short bios are more impressive than long ones. Not all biographies including an architecture biography must exceed 300 words. Any bio that is longer than the recommended word count would eventually fail to hold the interest of the reader.
  • Write a bio that can be easily understood and read by everyone. Remember that your bio is to be read by real people so keep it simple and logical – something that people can easily associate with.
  • Generally, the interest of a reader starts and finish at the top portion of an architecture bio they are reading. So make sure to put all-important facts in the first sentences of the first and second paragraphs.
  • Have somebody proofread you bio and make the suggested changes.
  • Avoid using the slash (/) to itemize you numerous skills or qualifications. Write full sentences that clearly reflects your message.

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Architecture Bio Sample

The following is a standard architecture bio sample.

Simon Greene


Since graduating from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture, Simon has maintained a good reputation for designing some of the best buildings in the city. His designs can be seen in residential homes, hospitals, commercial buildings and business offices.

Simon’s list of existing clients ranges from the private sector to the government sector. His excellent work ethics are likewise appreciated by his long list of clientele because he delivers well before the scheduled deadline.

Simon continuously develops and improves his designs making his artistic visions come alive in the structures he is commissioned to beautify.

A good biography example is formatted correctly to capture the interest of the reader who would like to finish reading it. This is why biographies must be short and concise since a long and redundant bio losses its essence because of undesirable length.

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